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    Classic Potato Salad

 4 Russet Potatoes *
 4 boiled eggs
1 medium red onion chopped (option-yellow onion)
 2 stalks of celery chopped
 1 teaspoon pickle relish
 2 teaspoons of yellow American mustard
 1/4 - 1/2 cup of mayonaise
1-2 tblsp. bottled Italian salad dressing
 Salt and Pepper to taste

After boiling potatoes and eggs, drain contents.
Immediately add ice water to the potatoes and the eggs, let sit for appx. 30mins. Or until eggs can easily be removed from the shell.

Roughly chopped potatoes into a bowl,chop boiled eggs , add to potatoes.
Potatoes or eggs can be finely chopped or medium to chunky, depending on your texture preference.
Same applies for celery, and onions.

Add  a small amount of  mayonaise, salad dressing and mustard first, to potato mixture first.
Fold this in, then mash somewhat, check texture.
Do not mash as if preparing mashed potatoes, nor do not add too much wet ingredients, it will become too soupy.
Finally, add the pickle relish , salt and pepper to taste.

* I prefer to boil my potatoes in the skin, and peel afterwards, the potatoes retain more flavor
  and they tend to be less mushy or watery.