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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Favorite Cookbooks to live by

I'm sure every Chef, Cook and Foodie, worldwide have at least one to five cookbooks they use regularly.These books become our best friend in need, and serve as a source of reference.

Roz dubbed these cookbooks the "how to boil water series" Lol.

In these versatile books you will find sections that tell you how to cook, bake , broil, boil, and shop you name it , it's in there.

There are plenty of choices out there in the market and more on the way to be published, here are a few I listed that has served me well whenever I did not cook from scratch (impromptu cooking, recipes from memory).
The Joy of Cooking-All purpose cooking, it's well organized into fruits, vegetables, types of meats etc.,and all of its cooking methods. The illustrations are very thorough on techniques, what the food item looks like
The Food Lover's Companion
A comglamerlate of food terminology, it's what a medical dictionary is to the cooking world.
Hey what can I say it's Martha!
I have two of Martha's hor's oeuvres handbooks,you can create your own appetizers too!

The Other Bible

The recipes begin from small scale cakes to large wedding party servings.
I like to use this also to guesstimate some of my own recipes portions. Powder sugared icings & frosting are not frequented here .

Bon Appetite!


  1. Cool! My sis loves cook books. I'll have to tell her about these! :D

  2. Great cookbooks. I love Julia Child, she was awesome chef.