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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's Cooking Roz? - Autumn Soups and Stews

Caribbean Oxtail Stew

Autumn is that time of the year when it's not quite bone chilling cold outside, but just cool enough for us to cozy up to a nice hot bowl or mug full of our favorite soup or stew.Hearty, satisfying , comforting foods is still a favorite worldwide.One of my family's favorite is the Caribbean Oxtail stew. Even my granddaughter loves this stew.

Oxtail soups as well as stews are typically braised and or stewed for hours before consuming.
Versions of the soup are traditional dishes in South America, West Africa, Asian, Italian and Caribbean and in African-American households. It seems like many cultures specialize in their own version, delicious indeed.
I hope you enjoy this version. Recipe posting as well other Autumn/Winter warmers are soon to follow.

Keep an eye out for my posting of Gumbo of the month,  each month I will feature a different flavor of Gumbo.
Recipes to follow , along with the secrets of making a real good Gumbo, it's simpler than you think.
 Soups On!

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