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Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day America

  Hello America,

Here we are celebrating the last  of our All Amercian Holidays.

This holiday is  as American as is apple pie. By tradition we sport our red, white and blue colors
in any way thinkable.

A lot of us may wear it , others may wave the flag at our homes and there are those like myself and other foodies out there prefer cooking to express our patriotism.
 My question to the cooks or actually anyone how did you celebrate this Labor Day Weekend 2011?

What did you cook? 

 Traditional or non-traditional menu ?

Share pictures, and  recipes with Roz.

 I want to hear from all interested audiences out there, obviously to travel everywhere in the nation is not possible, help me out with those regional specialties.

"Ja adore la bouef".

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